What's a Sn8ke?

Each Sn8ke is as unique as the person who orders it. You pick the colors that will make whatever you twist it to stand out with style. What makes a Sn8ke different?  It's bright, flexible and vibrant.  It holds its shape, it grabs attention and makes you stand out from the crowd! Others will want to know where you got it.  That's why Sn8kes were created. They add a colorful, distinctive new twist to style that everyone is excited to be a part of.

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Colorado Storm Spring '07  First Team 'Sn8ked'



Sn8ke your i-pod and hang it from anywhere you want to have easier access with some cool style. Hang it in your locker, on the fridge, in your room, on your bike, in your car. The ideas are unlimited. It's style with a

 T w i s t !





Magnetic 'click' to close 2008 Olympics China red/yellow flag colors!


Magnetic 'click' to close Red White Blue Olympic Sn8ke


  Sn8kes with Magnetic ends


Fridge Magnet with picture clip and free standing Sn8ke with picture clip

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Sn8kes has a patent on its design