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You can use them as bracelets or anklets, or use them to accent your hair or Crocs. The possibilities are endless! We have many colors. Sn8ke your sandals. Give them as gifts. Trade with your friends. Add charms for more fashion fun. Mix and match! Sn8kes are cool and unique because they hold their shape.

Year Round Fashion Fun !!!


The Sn8kes were a big hit with the kids.                        

The girls used them mostly to decorate                           

their backpacks or to wear as "bling". 

The boys used theirs to distinguish their

scooters from each other, or to build other

Jay & Colleen, OHIO



These are really cool!!

Claire & Grace, COLORADO



School Fund Raisers 

Favorite Colors

School Colors

Favorite Sport Teams

Sn8ke your Crocs


Hair Ties

Special Events

Attach to rear-view mirror

2008 Olympics - U.S. and China flag colored Sn8kes

























We like to say it's a Sn8ke with an attitude, made at altitude. Each Sn8ke is handcrafted
in our home office at exactly 5,485 feet above sea level.

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Sn8kes has a patent on its design